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In the field of medicine, doctors often rely on ultrasound imaging (ultrasound examination) for diagnosing and selecting treatments. Modern ultrasound scanners are compatible with computers and video printers, simplifying the process of data output.

DURICO SUPER ULSTAR-1100S Thermal PaperDurico Super ULSTAR-1100S thermal paper is specifically designed as an information carrier for ultrasound imaging. It enables the printing of high-quality images in A6 format (10.5 cm x 14.8 cm) using digital printers and video printers in medical institutions such as ultrasound diagnostics, dentistry, and microscopy. The printed images appear vibrant, and clear, with precise gray shading and high black color density.

This paper has excellent long-term storage capabilities. Durico thermal paper does not fade or become damp, and it is resistant to moisture (water), fingerprints, and ultrasound gel droplets. Additionally, it does not contain silver and can be disposed of using standard methods after use.

The ULSTAR series features easy tear-off, leaving smooth edges without any tearing. Furthermore, the paper maintains its shape and hardly curls during prolonged storage.

Proper storage conditions for the paper are crucial:

  • Store it in a dark and cool place.
  • Avoid storing it in a humid environment.
  • Protect it from direct exposure to sunlight.

Durico Super ULSTAR-1100S Thermal Paper consists of the following layers:


  1. Upper layer
  2. Protective layer
  3. Thermal coating layer
  4. Yupo paper
  5. Back layer

Type I (Standard) - This is a standard type of paper that includes a protective layer, yupo paper, thermal coating layer, and top layer. It is suitable for high-quality black and white printing. It is commonly used to capture shape outlines.

It is important to use paper made from high-quality materials, as it not only enables the production of high-resolution images but also reduces the strain on the equipment and minimizes the likelihood of breakdowns.

DURICO SUPER ULSTAR-1100S Thermal PaperCompatibility:

  • Sony thermal printers: UPD890, UP895MD, UPD895, UPD897, UP897MD
  • Mitsubishi thermal printers: P90W, P91DW, P91WE, P93DW, P93WE, P95W/DW

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